The Beauty of the Small Things

The Beauty of the Small Things


We think that we see the world around us all day, In fact, all that we can actually see clearly is a space about the size of our thumbs. Everything else that we think we see is being filled in by our brains from what we believe about the world.

Since we have a lot of information about how the world around us looks, that usually works pretty well. We’re not distracted or upset by the fact that most of our field of vision is actually blurry representations of what our brains believe is in front of us.

But this small truth about how our brains work affects a lot of our perception of life. If our attention is focused on a fear that we’re not good enough or on the possibility that we will fail at something, we can miss the positives in our day — which are just as real as the negatives, even though they don’t always feel that way.

Choosing to pay attention to the positives can make a big difference in how our day feels to us, and how we feel during the day.

Sometimes a small thing can change a rough day:

  • A chat with a friend
  • A walk
  • A really good cup of coffee or tea
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Getting up and moving around
  • A glass of water
  • Helping others
  • A meal with a friend
  • Petting a dog or cat
  • Something new: a different route, a new restaurant
  • Active relaxation
  • Savoring a small accomplishment
  • Fresh air
  • A few minutes looking at the sky
  • Good music
  • A child’s smile
  • A freshly made bed with clean sheets

Researchers say that small things — or, more importantly, paying attention to small things — can boost moods.

If that’s not true for you, you might be suffering from depression. If the feel of fresh, clean sheets or the smile you get back when you smile at a baby leave you feeling dismal, you may need more than just a little DIY cheering up.

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