Most people may not be familiar with what the differences are between the major types of evaluations psychologists provide.  The following aims to answer some of the most common questions people might have, such as:  What is the difference between a psychological, psychoeducational, developmental, and neuropsychological evaluation? Who is qualified to perform each of these … read more

Dissolving the Stigma of Mental Health Treatment


Stamp Out Stigma has marked the month of October 2018 as an eventful one for mental health awareness. This October’s mental health observances include the following: National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month Health Literacy Month ADHD Awareness Month Bullying Prevention Month Mental Illness Awareness Week OCD Awareness Week National Health Education Week National Depression … read more

Myth Busting: Myths About Being Single

MYTH 1: Being Single is an Unfortunate Plight Our culture places a strong emphasis on the importance of romantic relationships, which may overly amplify an individual's feelings of loneliness. So, as relationships are glorified as joyous accomplishments worth celebrating, not being in a relationship might elicit feelings of self-doubt or loneliness. Despite these social messages, … read more