Trigger Words

Trigger Words

trigger words

Catherine Newman, etiquette columnist for Real Simple magazine, wrote in an answer to a question about buying gifts for twins, “The thought of getting all those origami kits and bug viewers in duplicate makes me want to kill myself.” She apologized in print the next month after she received a flood of letters expressing the … read more

HIV Drugs, Right, and Wrong


Anthony Fauci and Hilary Marston of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases shared the good news that¬†antiretroviral drugs can not just treat HIV effectively, but can even prevent it. “The science has spoken,” they said in an article in¬† the New England Journal of Medicine. “There can now be no excuse for inaction.” … read more

Burnout Ahead?


Miles and Lenore both hold the same challenging job at the same organization. Miles wakes up in the morning with exciting ideas about what he’ll do to improve his work that day. He feels confident about his work and satisfied at the end of a long, hard day. He enjoys talking with his friends about … read more

Concussion and Brain Recovery

boxer training

What’s your sport? Cycling, cheerleading, baseball, basketball, boxing, football, gymnastics, horseback riding, ice skating — one thing all of these sports have in common is that they are among the top causes of head injuries. Concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that results from head injuries that “shake” the brain. Symptoms can include … read more