Leslie Meeker, LPC

Leslie Meeker, LPC

Leslie Meeker is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been in private practice in Arkansas for over 20 years. She has 37 years of experience in the mental health care field, holding various positions from group home staff member to clinical director.

Leslie earned her B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Sociology from Methodist University in North Carolina and her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. She has trained extensively in sex and relationship therapy and the treatment of sexual trauma, sexual compulsivity, and dissociative disorders at the Masters and Johnson Outpatient Clinic in St. Louis, Missouri where she was later employed as a primary therapist. In 2001 Leslie began her private practice in Northwest Arkansas.

Leslie provides person-centered, affirmative, yet directive psychotherapy for individuals and couples. She helps clients recognize and work through the “unfinished business” that sustains ineffective coping patterns. Clients learn to identify and respect negative coping strategies, as they were at one time necessary for life’s navigation. Through mindfulness, self-care, and making deliberate choices, clients are empowered to practice new habits, improve interpersonal skills, and attain and sustain mutually nurturing relationships.

She is committed to providing a judgment-free, positive therapy environment for individuals and couples to address sensitive issues openly. Leslie believes strongly that one’s physical, mental, emotional, and sexual wellbeing are interdependent. Struggles related to depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief are fully addressed, as well as specific sexual issues, such as sexual desire discrepancies, difficulties with sexual arousal or function, fidelity issues, deficits in sexual confidence or knowledge, and issues related to sexual orientation and identification. She guides her clients to find safety, sanctuary, and pleasure within their bodies and experience mastery and ownership of their bodies, whether individual or partnered.

Leslie views relationship structure as a very personal choice and respects both traditional and non-traditional relationships and sexual lifestyle choices.

In her free time, Leslie enjoys being outdoors, water sports, fitness, and has a love for animals.

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