Are Others Recommending You Get Help?

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. Sometimes we think we can push through problems ourselves. And sometimes it’s not till someone else tells us we need help, that we realize that we really could use some.

People close to you may express concerns about overwork, excessive worry, anger issues, control issues, drinking or substance abuse, and more. It’s often hard for them to speak up… and hard for you to hear their words.

But sometimes it may be easier for the people around you to see how these factors affect your behavior and mood – and how they affect others. When those closest to you are concerned, it’s usually a good indication that you should at least consider seeking professional assistance.

If you’ve wondered whether you could benefit from talking with a counselor, the answer is probably yes. Ask yourself these questions, too:

Are you experiencing…

  • Anxiety or nervousness?
  • Worry (to excess)?
  • Guilt?
  • Regret?
  • Sorrow or sadness?
  • Feelings of hopelessness?
  • A sense of emptiness?
  • Lethargy?
  • Irritability (to excess)?
  • A lack of patience?
  • Social anxiety?
  • Anger or rage?
  • Uncontrollable crying?
  • Lashing out at others?

It’s time to talk with someone who is trained to help. Contact us today.