Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology focuses on the relationship between sports, medicine, and psychology. Sport Psychology is generally a therapy model that uses research, theory, and practices to improve the performance of professional and amateur athletes. Sport Psychologists work to understand how specific psychological factors impact athletic performance. Sport Psychologists also help manage the mental well being of athletes, teams, and coaches who are involved in sports.

Sport Psychology addresses issues such as:

  • Maintaining peak performance
  • Managing performance anxiety
  • Managing anger while performing
  • Developing social skills to better perform during activities
  • Fostering positive traits such as leadership, cooperation, and confidence

In sports therapy, therapists will often help set goals, develop pre and post performance routines, develop healthy self talk moments, and develop habits to allow for maximum performance during sports activities.

If you are an athlete, coach, or team–we hope you choose the sports specialists at PCA to help you achieve greatness in all sports endeavors.